Tax Filer (T1FF) Data Webinar on Feb 1st, 2017

If you missed the first Tax Filer Data webinar session on Wednesday, January 18th, then join us on Wednesday, February 1st for a second session!

A representative from Statistics Canada Income Division will be presenting a webinar on Tax Filer data as part of the CDP Product Profile Webinar Series. The presentation will cover:

Public consultations on planned accessibility legislation

Between July 2016 and February 2017, Employment and Social Development Canada will be consulting with Canadians on accessibility legislation.

Many Canadians continue to face barriers that affect their ability to participate in daily activities that most people take for granted. These could include:

The Canadian Health Measures Survey is underway!

The Canadian Health Measures Survey is stopping in South Calgary the next few days! One of the main goals of the survey is to gather information to help improve health programs and services in Canada.

The first part of the survey is a household interview, which includes questions on many health-related topics. The second part of the survey involves a visit to a mobile clinic to collect direct physical measures.

Parent sponsorship no longer first-come, first-serve

As of January 3rd, 2017, Canadians can fill out an online form to indicate their desire to sponsor a parent or grandparent. From those forms, immigration officials will randomly draw 10,000 individuals who will then be asked to submit full applications within 90 days.

This removes the previous first-come, first-serve system that raised concerns over people paying hundreds of dollars to be at the front of the line. Some couriers were charging more than $400 to guarantee applications would be on the top of the pile.

Happy Holidays from CCSD and CDP!

Holiday greetings from the Canadian Council on Social Development and the Community Data Program Team!

We are thankful for another year of great work on behalf of communities across the country. Our network has never been stronger - we have 30+ consortia, over 300 member organizations and 2000+ users across Canada! 

The new year will be exciting and full of new data - we are looking forward to the Long Form Census data, new tools and investments for the Community Data Program and our Annual General Meeting in Kingston 2017. Again, we thank you for your work!


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