The Importance of Data Visualisation

Data visualisation – the visual representation of data in charts and graphs – has grown in popularity as an effective form of communication between media outlets and research organisations to the general public. Data visualisations help attract the attention of a wide audience and speed their understanding on the topic. 

Prachi Salve, senior policy analyst for IndiaSpend, India’s first data journalism initiative, explains:

Toronto remains the child poverty capital of Canada in 2016

The 2016 Toronto Vital Signs Report has found that Toronto remains the child poverty capital of Canada, with 28.6 per cent of children living in low-income households. Toronto tops the list above Montreal at 25%, Winnipeg at 24% and all other urban areas with over 500,000 residents. More than 1 in 4, or 144,000 children, living in households with incomes below Statistics Canada’s After-Tax Low-Income Measure. Of Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods, 18 have child poverty rates above 40%. 


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