Working Poverty: Defining a Measure for the Community Data Program

The CDP team is working hard to draft our custom data orders for the National Household Survey and other surveys. The Urban Poverty Tables are always a key component of our order. In the past, we have requested poverty data by employment status and age. This year we would like to review past practice and open up a conversation about the most useful measure of working poverty to include. Several different definitions of working poverty have been used in recent years, including John Stapleton’s work for the Metcalf Foundation in Toronto.

Drupal 7 migration, or Why looks different

Over the summer we migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. (Drupal is a content management system, or CMS that lets non-web developers like myself create content, like this blog post.)  Drupal 6 and its security updates will soon be going the way of the dodo; we migrated to Drupal 7 to ensure the site remains safe.

The basic functioning of the site is more-or-less identical to the pre-Labour Day version, except for a few changes:

The 2012 CIC Permanent Residents Rounded Data Cube is in the catalogue!

At long last, the 2012 CIC Permanent Residents Rounded Data Cube has become available.  It contains data on permanent resident landings up to and including 2012, down to the Census Subdivision (read: municipality) level.

Along with cataloguing the data, we've produced a variable spreadsheet to help you navigate what's available before you dive in.  There are a LOT of crosstabulations that you can play with.


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