Cyberbullying and cyberstalking among 15-29 year old Canadians

Based on data from the 2014 General Social Survey, this is the first Statistics Canada study that examines the characteristics associated with being a victim of cyberbullying or cyberstalking and various indicators of trust, personal behaviour and mental health.

Global Affairs Canada's 2016 International Assistance Consultation

From May to November 2016, Global Affairs Canada held open consultations with the public to help shape an new international assistance policy. 

Here are some highlights (points that repeatedly came up) from the consultation events and written submissions:

New health accord may spend $3 billion over four years on home care and mental health

The increase in federal health transfers to the provinces will be held to 3% this year instead of 6% - a cost-saving measure the government is keeping as negotiations for another health-care accord go on. Many provinces and territories have been frustrated by the lack of flexibility from the federal government, objecting the base 3% increase in health transfrers.

Recently, members of the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, a coalition of 16 organizations, are urging the federal government to immediately commit more resources to supporting mental illness.


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