Environics Analytics - Census webinar

Get a First Look at the 2016 Census - the first of a multi-part series of Census webinars hosted by Environics Analytics!

Now that we have new Population and Dwelling Counts data, what will the new numbers portend for marketers? Will market share estimates, trade areas and sales targets need to be significantly recalibrated? Demographic expert Dr. Doug Norris will discuss how organizations can use the census statistics to better understand their changing markets, adjust their marketing and improve their bottom lines.

Doug Norris will share insights on

OMAFRA’s Economic Development Data Resources


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has some great data tools that are available upon request.

Analyst is web-based tool that provides data on regional economies, such as job, wages, occupations, etc. This data is used to provide insight into workforces and support development and evaluation of municipal and regional community development strategies.

2016 Coordinated Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness

Employment and Social Development Canada has released a report that provides a look at the key findings of the 2016 Coordinated Point-in-Time (PiT) Count. These findings include the basic demographics of participants surveyed, as well as their reported experiences of homelessness, their income sources and their reasons for losing their housing.


2021 Census content consultation

Statistics Canada is currently preparing for the 2021 Census content consultation, scheduled to run from September to December 2017. Invitations to participate will be emailed to individuals and organizations known to use census data, ranging from all levels of government to academics, non-governmental organizations and private businesses.

The general public can participate in public consultations through the Statistics Canada website, social media accounts and regional offices. All participants will be asked to complete the same electronic questionnaire.


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