Community Data Canada webinar: Using the NHS at the scale of cities and communities

Community Data Canada is hosting a free webinar to discuss how the National Household Survey can serve the needs of municipalities and community sector organisations at the municipal and sub-municipal scale (census division, census subdivision, census tract, and dissemination area).

Statistics Canada delivers presentation on NHS data quality at NHRC webinar

Statistics Canada delivered a presentation on the National Household Survey at the National Housing Research Committee on November 5, 2013. The presentation includes insight on data quality that elaborates on the information provided in the NHS user guide.

City of Guelph and Canadian Index of Wellbeing: 2013 winners of the Community Indicators Consortium Impact Award

Congratulations to the City of Guelph and the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) for receiving the Community Indicators Consortium Impact Award for 2013 for their work on the Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative. The Community Indicators Consortium is an active, open learning network and global community of practice among persons interested or engaged in the field of indicators development and application.


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