CCSD Launches Online e-Dialogue Series with Partner Dr. Ann Dale of Royal Roads University on Revitalizing the Social Sector

Ottawa, October 22, 2014 The Canadian Council on Social Development’s President and CEO, Peggy Taillon, together with partner Professor Ann Dale, Trudeau Fellow Alumna (2004), School of Environment & Sustainability, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Royal Roads University, are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of online discussions to explore

New data in the catalogue: CBP (June 2014), T1FF (2012), TransUnion (2014), and new target group profiles

August and September saw a flood of new data. Schedule B—the list of data we intend to acquire this program year—is now up to date. Here’s a summary of the newest additions.

Second batch of Census and NHS target group profiles

We recently catalogued the second batch of target group profiles. The six new target groups include:

University of Toronto panel discussion on September 30: "Imposed Ignorance: On what evidence does Ottawa base its policies?"

The Munk Schook of Global Affairs is organizing a panel discussion on data and policy in Canada, moderated by the Toronto Star's Carol Goar. Speakers will include Former Chief Statistician of Canada Munir Sheikh, as well as Mel Cappe, and David Hulchanski. The panel is titled Imposed Ignorance: On what evidence does Ottawa base its policies?

Event description

What are the effects of lack of accurate information on businesses, social services, planners, providers of health care services, on all of us?


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