Construire et favoriser des partenariats / Build and Foster Partnerships

Terms of Reference
  • Recruitment & re-engagement
  • Recruitment includes both new Consortia and expanding existing consortia
  • Ex-CSDS members
  • Atlantic Canada: St. Jean, Moncton, Fredericton; St. John’s, Halifax, Cape Breton
  • SK: Regina & Saskatoon
  • SACASS –Quebec
  • STC’s list of data savvy municipalities
  • Centre for the North
  • CSDS members should speak to adjoining municipalities and associates in other municipalities
  • Links to other data initiatives (CIW, QoLRS, Vital Signs)
  • Maintain and enhance partnerships (fed/prov and other data providers) – Intergovernmental partnerships
  • Link data results to policy / issues of significance to governments / community
  • Linking data to service planning and community development
  • Le recrutement et le réengagement des membres;
  • Établir des liens avec d’autres initiatives et producteurs de données;
  • Le maintien, l’amélioration et l’établissement de nouveaux partenariats;
  • Utiliser les données et les résultats des analyses pour le développement des politiques et répondre aux enjeux des divers gouvernements;
  • Utiliser les données pour la planification des services communautaires et favoriser le développement communautaire.


Téléconférences ou réunions / Meetings :

  • October 15, 2010
    • Roundtable Meeting 2 - Community and Government Roundatable on Data Access, Hosted by FCM and Chaired by Peggy Taillon, Convened by StatCan - Presenation (PPT) and PDF
  • Aug. 26, 2010
    • There was a brief discussion/meeting between Michel, Leigh and Tracey Aug. 26.  It was decided that this needs to be a targeted and strategic WG and Leads have a part to play.  At the moment there is interest to participate by Kingston, North West Territories and Sudburry.  Outreach strategies to grow local consortia can come from existing leads.  Formal introductions are required.  Also, a greater National focus on the local is required with the StatCan.
  • May 12-14, 2010: Community and Government Roundtable on Data Access: A recapitulation (From StatCan, Translation Forthcoming)

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