Rolling out the new catalogue

Yesterday we launched the first iteration of the new data catalogue. Purpose: to help you find data more easily.

The new catalogue, now under the menu "Find Data", is in an alpha stage. That is to say, we're still working on some key features (single-click downloads, search bar that autocompletes, and of course a catalogue that works en français). Nonetheless, in its current stage, we think it already feels much more pleasant to use than the old catalogue.

Here's a summary of the enhancements we've already made.

Update on custom geographies

Custom geographies are still progressing at Statistics Canada. Nine out of 17 communities are finished, and the remainder are in sight. The delayed delivery appears to be due to a spike in custom orders at Statistics Canada over the past several months. We have adjusted our ETA from the original November 2013 to April 2014.


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