Custom Geographies

Submitting custom geographies

(IMPORTANT NOTE: We require either a shapefile or a concordance file for each set of custom geographies.)

Membership in the Community Data Program includes data from Statistics Canada at customised geographies.  Before we can gather data at custom geographies, each consortium will need to provide us with the names and geographic information about the custom geographies that they want.  In order to submit custom geographies to us, you'll need:

  1. the .pdf Guide to submitting custom geographies,

  2. the sample .xls concordance file, and

  3. your consortium's most recent list of custom geographies (.xls, listed below).

Calgary Ottawa Simcoe County Winnipeg
Halton Region Parry Sound Sudbury York Region
Hamilton Peel Region Toronto  
KFL&A Regina Vancouver  
London Saint John Waterloo  

The Guide explains the steps involved in submitting custom geographies.  If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.

After receiving custom geographies, the Community Data Program team will send what we have to Statistics Canada, who will in turn sync up each consortium's custom boundaries with Statistics Canada's Block Face points.  (GIS wonks might be interested in checking out this Statistics Canada explanation of geocoding.) Once this process is done, we will request data for the 2011 Census and 2011 National Household Survey by custom geography in addition to standard Census geography.

Note that the actual geographic boundaries (shapefiles and concordance files) remain the property of each consortium's member organisation.