Sharing Information WG / Diffusion d'information GT

Terms of Reference
  • Promote CSDS
  • Identify/tell “stories” and target audiences
  • Share best practices (reports, consortia)
  • Collaborative research
  • Id national/local/prov trends
  • Enlist support from Communications Department to develop communications and marketing plan, etc.
  • Identifier et partager nos histoires
  • Participer à diverses recherches (niveaux : national, provincial, local,…)
  • Promouvoir la SACASS
  • Partager les bonnes pratiques (rapport, consortium,…)

Téléconférences ou réunions / Meetings :

  • Sept. 16, Participation at the Leads Teleconference, Ted will introduce the work.
  • Sept. 7, 2:15~3:30PM, Teleconference
    • Ted, Leigh, Mo and Tracey participated. 
    • What do we do with Data? Consolidate that information.
    • List of what we published
    • Networking results e.g. local reports on seniors
    • Catalog of reports - future
    • Collect testimonials of what was done with data, what they have been able to do, programs informed, best practices, etc.
    • Encourage this type of exchange at local leads meetings.
    • Marketing pitch - Participation in the Consortium saves dollars and spreads knowledge & avoids local purchase duplication
    • Action: (1) Leigh & Ted to send their reports.  (2) Ted Hildebrand from Community Development Halton was voted the lead of this WG. (3) Ted solicit some of this info at Halton consortium meeting, (4) Tracey post notes and documents (5) Ted to introduce the group at the Leads meeting on Sept. 16.


Resources :

Membres / Members :