Search Tips

The purpose of this information is to facilitate searching in the Community Data Program catalogue.

*Members* – make sure you are logged in or you won’t be able to select files to download.

You can do a search with the criteria listed below. It is possible to combine these different criteria. In this case, only the tables that match the different criteria will appear in the search results.

Data Group

This filter groups the data by survey and is broken down into categories. You can select a data group such as "Building Permits", "Census, 2011 - Profile" or "Census, 2011 - Target Group Profiles". 

Data Provider

This filter groups the data by source of data, such as Statistics Canada, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Equifax.


You can select the desired area (Canada, Province, CT, etc.). If you are searching for tables that contain data customized to your community’s *unique geography* (neighbourhoods, wards, planning districts, health districts, etc.) look for the word “Custom”. Please read the Data Geographies page for more information, including what is included in custom geographies. Not all geographies are available for all tables.

Years within Data

You can select a year associated with a data source (for example "2007"). This is most useful for non-census data, such as SAAD (tax filer) or other data that is released annually.

Data by Theme Search

All CDP data products organized by topic area. You can click on a desired variable and get search results for tables relating to that variable. For variable definitions, download and view the Data Index (data map and glossary).


  • Once you have found the file(s) you want to download:
    1. Select the desired geography if applicable, click "add to cart".
    2. On the shopping cart page, click "checkout".
    3. On the checkout page, click "submit order". 
    4. You will be redirected to your file downloads page. Click on the filename to download the package. 
  • To view your download list at any time, go to "My account" and click the "files" tab.
  • Note: the file download list is ordered by first purchase date. If you have reordered a file that you have previously ordered, it will not be at the top of the list. Please scroll down your file downloads list to find your file.

Technical Support: If you cannot find the answers to your technical queries through this website please send an email to the Community Data Program at