2012 Community Data Canada Roundtable Roundup

On June 20th, community data users and providers from across Canada came together for the third annual Community Data Canada Roundtable. A free, fully-bilingual event, the 2012 Roundtable was the first to be held as both a face-to-face meeting and a virtual event.
More than 200 persons joined the sessions from locales across the country to enjoy a variety of presentations on the topic of "Putting Data to Work: Tools and Strategies for Using Community Data." Approximately 40 representatives from the public, private and non-profit sectors gathered for a face-to-face meeting hosted by the Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS) at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada in Gatineau, Quebec. A further 150 participated via webinar, calling in from nearly every province and territory.
Presenters included three Consortia Leads from the CDP, Environics Analytics and Statistics Canada. All the presentations from the Roundtable can be found in both official languages on the Roundtable website. Live recordings of the presentations are available morning and afternoon for a limited time in MP3 format (English only).
Many thanks to all our presenters and participants, and to our hosts who provided excellent logistical support and translation services.